Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pitiful looking aren't they?

The flowers in my yard aren't doing so well this year, but at least they're trying to survive. First it was the freeze and now it's jumped into the mid 80's. They droop, wilt, but they're still hanging on. Their blooms come one or two at a time. Below is my struggling azalea...pitiful isn't she?? She's a she because she's a pink azalea. She's not dead and everyday she adds a few more green leaves to her branches. She's a survivor.
Below are some flowers along the fence. Not as full as last year, but at least they brighten up my day when I see them outside my kitchen window each morning.

Here's a closer look at them. Remember the orange/yellow ones are the mystery flowers...I didn't plant them...they just came mysteriously on their own but they look so pretty with the rest of the flowers. Maybe the other flowers invited them to come over to complete their bouquet.

The bumblebees are everywhere and a welcomed site. There are so few honey bees that without this thriving bumblebee population, I don't think any of my flowers would be blooming right now.
Remember I told you that my flowers come in two's. Here are two iris...or maybe three.
These are two more iris of a smaller variety.

And two more...See I told you my flowers are blooming in pairs. What's this with pairs?

Jybow found three blooms. She's hiding because we were gone all day and she's a bit mad at us. She didn't know it at the time, but we just stopped in to clean up a bit and change our clothes, so we could be off again.....

And this time we were off to Jimmy's High School Class Reunion...The Class of 55...Not 55 students, but the Class of 1955. It was Jimmy's 52nd year out of High School and I bet most of you reading this aren't even 52 years old yet! I know some of you are though, but I won't tell. Below is a picture of some of the members of the class. These are the only ones that ever show up to their class reunions along of course with their wives, not pictured. I over-heard someone saying tonight that there were 22 in the class and that 7 had already died, but only 7 attend the reunion. Eight are MIA although one lives locally and just doesn't attend the reunion even though everyone sees him often. Jimmy was crowned King at the Junior/Senior Prom in his senior year. The Prom Queen was a junior and came to last years class reunion because her sister is in Jimmy's class. They posed for a picture together, as king & queen, for old times sake. We had a good time and of course the guys had plenty of stories to tell. Jimmy's senior class was the last to graduate from the Kirksville school as seniors. The school encompassed grades 1 - 12 until Jimmy graduated and then the kids in grades 9 - 12 were bused to a new HS. Sometime within the last 12 years the school has completely been closed down and is now used as a community center and the grounds have been made into a nice park with picnic areas. We often attend chili suppers & fall festivals held at the old school and Jimmy likes to take me on tours through the old hallways of his youth and tell me stories. He seems to remember every crack & squeeky board and how they came to be chipped and by who. I love listening to his stories...even though I hear them each time we attend a function there.
I often tell Jimmy that he should start a blog because he has so many interesting stories to tell and can say some of the funniest things. He's just like my youngest daughter Suzanne who is a stand up comedian in disguise...she just doesn't know how funny she is...she always makes me laugh when she steps away from being so serious. They both need to start a blog, but refuse. I'm not funny, but I thoroughly enjoy my blog and am so thankful that my brother & SIL talked me into it. It's the best thing that ever happend to's like writing a diary, but with everyone listening.


Susie said...

Your flowers are so cheery!
52 yr reunion? That's great! Sounds like a fun evening..
I loved your last line that blogging was like writing a diary with everybody listening! Very true, but the blogging friendships are the best part of it!!
Happy Mother's Day

Val said...

Wow, bumblebees are awesomely large!

We too have azaleas that just don't know when to quit, even in the drought. Don't know where they are getting water, but they're just thriving.

Rachel said...

The flowers are so pretty! Great picture of the reunion folks. That sounds like a long time ago doesn't it?? In 1955 I was one year old. Oy!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day Sandy!!!

Alipurr said...

pretty flowers....
good high school reunion stories!!!

happy mother's day!
love you

Peter said...

Hi Sandy, the class of 55 are a fine looking bunch indeed.

Paige said...

I'm sure the flowers will be fine. They just have a little recouping to do.
What fun for you living with a King.
Awesome photos from the park. You are way brave for going to such lenghts to get some of those shots.
Be careful. Live for today and pray for a tomorrow.

Tomas Dennis said...

Happy Mothers Day and I did enjoy the photos you sent. Take Love ya

Kerri said...

I love "listening" to you Sandy, and you make me laugh often. You're a VERY FUNNY person and I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor :)
It's such fun sharing our daily lives and the friendships that develop through our blogs.
Your flowers are so bright and pretty. Funny that they're blooming in twos. Keeping each other company :)
My azalea has green leaves and looks healthy, but I don't know if we'll see any flowers. I hope so! This is its 2nd summer and it hasn't flowered before.
I'm not at all surprised that your Jimmy was crowned "King" :)
It's raining here too..which is good because, like you, we've had a dry spell.