Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cat Blankie

A week ago, having nothing to do and very little money to do it with, I pulled out some old yarn that had been stored in plastic bags in a box in the closet for years and made Daisy a sort of round looking bed. Since that was a total flop, that wouldn't even lay flat, I proceeded to plan B and looked for instructions on how to made something, anything. I found this little handy dandy book, "Learn How Book" Coats & Clark's Book No. 170-B that showed the basics of learning how to crochet, knit, tatting & embroidery. I was looking for information on how to crochet and this little book showed step by step directions on how to create certain crochet stitches.
I flipped through the pages and found a pretty stitch called the Shell Stitch and thought I would try that. I had six skeins of white yarn that were all exactly alike and thought to myself that I would make a baby blanket, so I started working feverishly on it this week.
The above picture is a work in progress and I thought I was doing great, really great and I was so proud of myself, and then I ran out of white yarn. I had more white in my assorted box of yarns, but it looked like the strands were much thicker, so I needed more yarn of the same size. I had also made a GREAT BIG mistake already when I made the width of my baby blanket 48 inches wide, but I hadn't discovered that mistake yet.
Thursday I announced to Jimmy that I needed to go to Wal*Mart to see if I couldn't match up my yarn. So with a length of yarn in hand we went and I found only two skeins, although twice the size of what I started with and bought them. I was on a roll again. I crocheted feverishly and at one time I really did get a fever, or so I thought. I was working so hard on what I believed was going to be a baby blanket for our new great grandchild and I over-heated and asked Jimmy to turn down the heat. Of course he just looked at me, you know the look men can give you when they think you're crazy, so I went over to see how much it had warmed up outside...I was sure that we were having a heatwave, but it was still only 40ยบ hadn't changed a bit, so I got me a popcicle, took a short break and cooled off.

Last night I realized that the width was much to wide and it would end up being much too big and heavy for a baby, so Jimmy & I decided that the width would now become the length and the pattern would just be sideways and who would notice anyway, right?
Today I decided to take my bag of goodies to Suzanne's house and visit with her while Jimmy helped Ray work on the sliding barn doors of the new horse barn. As I was showing Suzanne my pretty blankie, in her bright and airy house, we both noticed the two distinct & different whites. How could that happen? One white now looked like a pretty creamy white although the label said it was 'White' and the newest white was bright white. The measurements were now at 48 x 24 inches, so I put a border around it (picture above) and ended it...what else could I do?
Now the cats have a pretty Cat Blankie, but only if you are in a dimly lit house.

I still don't have a camera, so the pictures are again taken with my cell phone.


Rachel said...

Well, I think it's pretty Sandy!! I love the shell stitch. It makes a real pretty blanket!! Looks like a pro did it!

Tomas Dennis said...

I also love that shell pattern. Take your time next time or call Kitten Yarn because she makes about two blankets a year for the new babies in Murray.
Take Care
Love Ya

jellyhead said...

Oh, how frustrating after all that effort, to discover two different whites!

It does look so pretty, though, and the cats will adore it.

Now no more overheating Sandy - it sounds dangerous!

Cheyenne said...

Lucky cats. That blanket is gorgeous. Wish I could do that.

JunieRose2005 said...


It looks pretty to me...but I understand you wanting perfection for a new baby!

It might just be 'purr'- fection for those kitties!


Lucy Stern said...

I think it's a beautiful blanket and I would love to have it for my granddaughter.

Those cats are lucky to have a master as nice as you to crochet them a special blanket. My cat would be walking around swell headed.

Susie said...

I love the stitching. I know your kitties will too :)

Peter said...

See how much trouble you could have saved yourself if you had never learned to knit Sandy.

TUFFENUF said...

Maybe you could dye it all the same color. I don't think the cat will mind. Pretty good photos with the cell phone. Check for good camera deals!

Alipurr said...

I love it. It is soo pretty. Who cares about the different whites? Most people wouldn't notice if you didn't say anything. I find, though, that I am most critical of myself on my crochet projects, and husband often hears me asking if the thing I am making is as ugly as it seems to me, ha ha. I am in a crochet slump, with many projects started and no motivation to finish right now. oh well.

Cliff said...

You need to learn a hobby with that involves a motor of some kind. You know like wood working or racing. But the blanket looks good to me. If' I'd lose 250 pounds it would fit me perfectly and I could use it while watching tv at night. or not.

doubleknot said...

Lovely blanket and I am sure the kitties will love it. Now you know about dye lots. I try to buy yarn that says it has no dye lots that way the color is always the same. I had the same little booklet would you belive till I gave it to Steve's grand daughter to help her learn to crochet. Pictures turned out very nicely with your camera. Hope to see more crochet projects. You do get warm with a blanket laying in your lap.

Kerri said...

Sandy, the blanket looks lovely to me. I like Tuff's suggestion of dyeing it. The shell stitch is so pretty and you did a great job. I'm sure the kitties will love it, and you'll have fun making another one for the new baby if you decide not to dye it, right?
The cell phone takes nice pics!
We did our Super Tuesday civic duty :)

Tammy said...

That is a very pretty stitch!
Great work!

... Paige said...

You did a Purrfect job, it is beautiful. I'm sure the kitties will love it. Stay cool, I mean warm no cool...
oh well stay tepid