Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wherever you find Jimmy around the house,
you will find Jybow....
Whether its napping, reading a book, feeding the birds, squirrels or outside cats, you can count on Jybow to always be by his side. You'll find them together out in the workshop tinkering on something that needs repair or rebuilding, or just taking a walk around the yard.
Jybow is Jimmy's very first pet cat. She came to us as an abandoned tiny little scruff of a fur ball with matted eyes, thin and sickly. A neighbor found her mewing loudly, shivering under his porch, hungry and weak and brought her to us. Jybow was so tiny that she fit into the slits between button holes of Jimmy shirts and while he read or watched TV, that's where she slept...when she didn't feel well, that's where she slept and when she wanted comfort, that's where she went. The bond grew between the man who didn't like cats and the cat who sought his affection.
Jimmy learned that cats are not mean ole hissy things with scratchy claws and that they're only that way if you jump at them and shew them away and make them scared of you.
Jybow wasn't the first cat around our house, but she was the one that tamed Jimmy.


... Paige said...

Funny how this can happen. My dad "hates" cats, that is except the one named Sugar. She was different she would go on long trips with us. We would tie a string of yarn around her neck to walk her at rest stops.
Again its funny how those little things can find the one big guy that they are supposed to have. We are so sorry about the loss of Jimmy's sister. {{hugs}} to all.

Anonymous said...

You mean Jimmy's Jybow's first pet. :)

Tomas Dennis said...

I remember when he was here Tiger Lilly took to Jimmy from the moment he walked in the door. Animals know.

Cliff said...

That's as long as I can stand to read about cats but it's a good story.
Sorry to read about Jimmy's sister. So sad.

Rachel said...

Ahhhh.....what a sweet post Sandy!! Those cats are sweeties. I'm glad Jybow tamed Jimmy!! They look so comfy there together!!

Kerri said...

I love this post Sandy! Jimmy and Jybow look so comfy together. She has grown into a beauty and it's plain to see how much she loves Jimmy..and the feeling is obviously mutual :)
Jybow is an unusual name. How did you come to choose it?