Wednesday, March 11, 2009

as sweet as toilet water

It's a rainy day at our house today just perfect for my regularly scheduled blood tests and mammogram. Wouldn't want to spend a perfectly good day at the clinic doing that stuff.

I say a day at the clinic, because I was there this morning for my blood tests and a Tetanus/Pertussis Booster shot, and then have to return later this afternoon for my mammogram and boy am I looking forward to that. I'm looking so forward to that, that I have already put it off for over a year, so my doctor told me yesterday. I could have sworn that I just had it done last year.

While I was there at the doctor's office this morning I ran into Sharon waiting to see my mean ole doctor. She's really not mean, but she just had a bad day yesterday because two other doctor's called in sick and she was having to cover for them. A little over-worked and over-stressed I guess. Today the clinic called in reinforcements to help her out and she was in a much nicer mood, so I was told. I don't have another appointment to see the doctor for another six months, unless I get sick of course, and hopefully she'll be in a much better frame of mind by then.

Changing the subject here. Jimmy is usually awakened every morning by persistent meowing wanting to be fed. This usually happens somewhere around 5-6 a.m. like little alarm clocks. But this morning Princess Pinky with her long white fur crawled into bed with him and was all wet. Jimmy immediately thought that she must have fallen into the toilet or something, so he jumped out of bed to go dry her off. We try to keep the lids closed on the toilets because when she first came to live with us we caught her drinking out of the toilet instead of her water dish, so Jimmy just thought that one of us had forgotten to close the lid.

Can you imagine having a wet cat waking you up and especially one that has fallen into the toilet? I was laughing hysterically by this time as Jimmy was telling me the story. But the cat was more stupid than that. She didn't fall into the toilet, unless she knows how to put the lids neatly back down and leave no mess. She slept in an open window, on a cat shelf, and remained asleep as it rained in on her and when she got wet enough, she crawled into bed to snuggle up against Jimmy.

So that's been our day so far and it isn't even noon yet.


scott said...

can you believe amost 80 yesterday and today down in the too=doctors don't scare me but i would much rather go do something else, like clean the latrine, shovel the cow popo out of the barn ect.., doc's offices are so time comsuming. last but not lest i guess it is better to check the toilet seats than smell the cat: "GOOD CALL" HEEHEEEHEEE

Tomas Dennis said...

I can't believe that the cat slept in the rain. We keep our lid closed so the cats that sleep in the towels do not push them into the water. I've seen them snooze in the snow but not rain. I normally have to wash 3 (were clean towels) towels every week because of the cats. The other day I scolded our gray cat for pushing 6 wash clothes on the floor (Yeah like she understood?).

Anonymous said...

I had to dig a full roll of toilet paper out of the commode because the cat knocked it in there.
Not to stupid of a cat.She knows to crawl in bed with a man when she needs one,:)

Alipurr said...

i like how she crossed her paws in the pic, what a pretty princess