Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We ate, we laughed and we went visiting

Scott & Jimmy

Sharon invited us over for supper but when we walked in it looked as though Scott was doing all the cooking...hmm. As it turned out he was just stirring something for Sharon while she was preparing something else. I'm not really sure, but I thought I heard someone say that Scott was in charge of the mac n cheese, but don't quote me on that.


Sharon must have been cooking all afternoon, because we had a feast of baked chicken marinated in something delicious, baked ranch potatoes smothered and covered with all kinds of goodies, a medley of steamed vegetables, buttered corn, macaroni & cheese and for dessert Strawberry Shortcake. Why is Strawberry Shortcake capitalized? Because I love Strawberry Shortcake and desserts rank VERY HIGH on my list of nutritious foods.


The day was so beautiful, so we ate our meal out on the deck. I love Sharon & Scott's deck. The table was set right in the center of the deck overlooking the pond. As Jimmy & I stood on the deck after supper we secretly put our dibs in on the deck as where we'd like our room to be. Don't start worrying yet, we're not moving in.

After supper some went fishing and I walked next door to visit & invite Brian, Reva & Brandon over for dessert. As the fishermen & Megan spread out around the pond, Brian & Reva came out onto their deck to visit with all of us who were invading their space. I know that they didn't mind having all of us come over to visit. The pond in front of Sharon & Scott's house is large enough that it is also encompasses the front of Brian's house. It was still a little dead looking around the pond except for a few bunches of daffodils blooming here and there. That didn't bother the fish though as Scott had caught eleven large mouth bass that afternoon in addition to what he caught this evening. You can read about Scott's bass HERE.

I hope to spend many more nice afternoons like this one, in good company and maybe next time we can go potluck so that Sharon doesn't have to do all the cooking.

To see more pictures of our day, go to Sharon's blog, Somershade.


Anonymous said...

I loved having you guys over it was so nice and relaxing and fun.liked your shots.I call the one of me"what a face"
love you all.
Jimmy is so sweet and funny.

scott said...

that was truely a fun time, I really enjoyed it all. this shows that we don't have to leave the house to have fun. america thinks you always have to go "somewhere else" to enjoy ourselves. it was kind of like the old days.
ps: when do we start building????????

... Paige said...

oh, thanks a lot now I'm really hungry...where's me lunch
vacation next week in BIG BEND

MEGAN said...

YEs we did have fun, I didnt know that you took that picture of me, lol. I was on the phone :) haha Love ya

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Megan...for once I caught you off guard without a BIG SMILE on your face ;)

Kerri said...

Sounds like great family fun with delicious food. That's a beautiful house!