Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to normal....

Hey....look what my brother gave me. A pretty bouquet of colorful balloons.
I love the simplicity of his gifts. To me they say, "I love you Sis." He's so sweet and thoughtful and pretty soon he's coming back to visit us again. I can't wait to see him and Laurel really soon.

It's been a quiet day here today after all the excitement of yesterday and all the days since we first went on our first vacation of the year in May. Things have finally quieted down here and have gotten back to normal today. The phone hasn't stopped ringing here all day long today. Seems my daughters have something to say and every few minutes they think of something new to tell me. I love it and wouldn't change a thing.

Right now all is quiet and Jimmy is playing spider solitaire on my middle sized laptop. He hasn't noticed that he's not playing on the mini one this time. I gave him an upgrade because he's special and I think he deserves something better. He hasn't noticed the difference. It's raining outside so I thought he could use some amusement since there isn't anything that has to be done at the moment. It's hard to get Jimmy to stop and just sit still unless I place a laptop on his lap with the game ready to go and it's raining. I wouldn't be able to convince him to slow down and stop if it wasn't raining outside.

It started raining yesterday as Megan was getting ready to leave for her Advanced Motorcycle Class so she had to leave her bike here and Zac took her back to the university. I told her that I was going to ride it while it was here and I promised her that I wouldn't take it over 300 miles a day and that I wouldn't drop her new helmet either. It's pretty and pink with flowers all over it. It's definitely a girls helmet although I did see Beth's brother wearing it one day in a picture on facebook.

As usual I'm listening to music and doing one of the things I like best...BLOGGING. One day when I'm gone I hope that Jimmy will take the time to read it along with my daughter Suzanne. It's filled with my thoughts and feelings and lots of news and pictures about them. Of course the rest of the family is also included in my stories, but they stop in to read sometimes, although they seldom leave comments, but that's fine because I don't blog for the amount of comments I get. I just blog because I feel the need to talk to someone sometimes, like writing in a diary.

Someone once said to me, "You'll remember me when the west wind blows," just as he walked out. I think it must be a line in a song and I don't have any idea why I just thought of it. Now I have to go find that song. See ya later alligator....

I found it: Fields Of Gold / Sting


Alipurr said...

saying hi :) love you, I always read your posts, eventually :) seems I always get behind on blog reading

Kerri said...

Love that song :)
I hope you're having another nice, peaceful day.
It's always fun to read your thoughts.....
We had a beautiful, sunny morning, but now the clouds have closed in and the wind has picked up. We're expecting a quarter inch of rain overnight. We need it. The ground has dried right out these past few weeks.

Kerri said...

Oh, and we had a light frost this morning. This was the third. Had a couple last week too. No damage to the flowers yet, thank heavens.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Kerri...I don't want to hear about the frosts. I'm not ready to give up my wonderful summer and replace it with winter yet. I do have lots of summer memories this year to keep me feeling warm & fuzzy throughout the winter though.
Rain is something we seem to have an abundance of and if I could send it over your way I certainly would...we've had enough :)

Alipurr..Hi back at ya, but I've been the worst lately for getting behind in reading blogs.