Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Saturday unless it rains

It's raining really hard here this morning. Sharon & Megan spent the night in Lexington so they'd be there early for the big race, but I haven't heard what happened there yet. It might have been called off due to heavy rains...I just don't know.

Another year has rolled around really fast and it's time for another high school class reunion for Jimmy. It's been since 1955 that his class graduated...that's 54 years ago, WOW! Later this afternoon they'll all meet for supper at Dinner Bell, one of our local restaurants. It should be fun and it's always nice seeing all of them again.

I was just listening to Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell and it brought back memories of the 60's. The song would be playing in the background as we rode around in the car taking the kids to the park to play. They're playing lots of old songs on the radio, or do we even call it a radio these days?

Jimmy is busy doing nothing that I can see, but it must be something important because he hasn't sat down and taken a break today. I think he needs a kiss about now.....

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