Monday, December 28, 2009

It's colder than a whiz & I'm colder than a frog

The day was warmest when I got up this morning and has gotten colder and colder all day long. I even felt some small bits of frozen something hitting my face as the wind was howling, and it's been blowing cold and hard all day long today. I needed two coats on to keep me warm today, so I didn't stay out long at all. The temperature isn't all that cold, but it's that wind that cuts right through you when you step out the door. Whoa, it's cold out! and I want to visit Alaska someday...I'm beginning to have second thoughts about that today.

Jimmy had his thyroid hormone level tested this morning and it was fine so he thinks his doctor's appointment for Thursday was canceled, YIPEE! Jimmy thinks the nurse said (when she called) that he would have to repeat the test in another ??? and that the order for the test was in the mail. Jimmy never writes anything down so we'll just have to wait and see what his order says to do next. He gets upset if I question him or second guess him by calling the doctor's office myself for clarification so I've had to wash my hands of it and just let him handle his own care. There's been a change in Jimmy's attitude since he's had his thyroid completely removed and he's edgy. I've come to the conclusion that your thyroid is an important gland and you should do everything in your power to keep it. He also spends a lot more time napping and has slowed down quite a bit. He's always had an over active thyroid and now his doctor is trying to keep his levels in the normal range, so I guess this is why he seems to have slowed down. All will be alright, I just have to be patient.

So how's your day been? Mine was fine other than a few little minor inconveniences (see paragraph above) and being cold for a little while. Sharon came over for a visit and when she left I made everyone who asked a disc of the Christmas pictures. Now I'm just relaxing and listening to music, one of my favorite pastimes. Does anyone know what Viva Perlay means? It's part of a beautiful song by Andrea Bocelli that I can't even understand because it's in a different language, but I still like to sing along. Call me nuts.


Cheyenne said...

It's vivo per lei and it means I live for her. I love his music, such a beautiful voice he has.

Anthony said...

Yes, it is really chilling allover the states in this period of time. I suggest one best thyroid doctors in Los Angeles for jimmy. I am sure all Thyroids related problems will be overcome.

... Paige said...

it will take a bit of time for y'all to get the hang of the changes, but he will mend in body and spirit

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Cheyenne, Thank you very much for the interpretation of those words. I love his music now too just being introduced to a CD of his this summer by my brothers out west. I think he has a beautiful voice.

Anthony...I went over to the link you provided and it's very helpful. Thank you.

Paige...You seem to be my rock. You always have such wonderful supportive words of wisdom to offer me and I cherish our friendship.

Rachel said...

Sandy, I'm sorry to hear Jimmy is having thyroid problems. I hope that all will get straightened out for him, maybe with the right medication?? Sometimes it takes time for them to adjust everything just right.

I hope you both have a wonderful Happy new Year!!