Monday, December 28, 2009

It's morning...and, I Love my brother

It's a brand new day, a brand new morning and I get another chance to be a better & nicer person. Not, that I've been a bad person, but I do tend to run my mouth sometimes, well lots of times, and I need to think before I speak or comment on my brother's blog. My brother gets my opinions, mostly on politics, and they're not always nice (my opinions). Well, they aren't bad, they're just not the same as his. So I'm going to be better to my brother and if I don't agree then I'm not going to comment, or maybe I'll comment just as nicely as I can with a "Good Morning Brother" just to let him know that I read his post.

That sounds like a New Year's Resolution doesn't it and I don't make New Year's Resolution because I don't keep resolutions. That's just what I call a Daily Resolution. If you mess up and break a New Year's Resolution you've messed up the whole entire year, but if it's a Daily Resolution you only messed up one day and still have the rest of the year to do better, one day at a time.

Do you want to hear about our snow? It turned out to be less than a dusting if that's possible. No winter wonderland here this morning. It's more like a heavy, heavy, heavy frost, in spots but we have another chance for more snow on Thursday, so there's still hope. Some places are having snow with very cold temps and we're having snow with mild above freezing temps which really makes a difference if you go out. It's not that cold here and just a heavy sweatshirt is fine outside.

I don't have any other news yet, but the day is just beginning and there are so many possibilities and chances for me to get into some kind of mischief. So until then, have a nice day and be nice and smile at everyone you meet even if they look mean and don't especially look like they want to smile back at you.

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