Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alibis and Lying Eyes by Tracy Lawrence

"I'm still hurtin from last time...."

I'm listening to country music and for a cloudy wet drizzly day the music sure is sad.
"And you're sure gonna miss me when I'm gone...so you better kiss me."
I'm just glad I'm in a good mood listening to these lyrics. I think it's time to change the music and put on something a little more cheery before I start to cry.....

Please whatever you do NEVER listen to country if you're feeling down.

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tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

I awoke early this morning somewhere in time around 4:00AM. I tried getting online but my computer was busy and I just looked at it in mow when I shut it down. I always said that you are what you are and If you train your mind to be good then you will. Listening to sad songs without a lot a friends hanging out and singing out loud is best. Alone you just have to zone out with Zen and marvel at human being you are then look beyond your self and poof there is a friend. Wow!
Love ya sis