Monday, April 19, 2010

We're all missing Jimmy

I'm really missing Jimmy even though he's right here and not gone anywhere. It's almost as though I'm living with a roommate who is nothing more than just a good friend. His bedroom door is always shut and we talk through it. I knock on the door to let him know that his plate of food is ready and on a small TV table next to his door. I walk away and he opens the door and takes his food. At night I watch TV alone and have the TV all to myself, something I thought I would enjoy but it's rarely on. I see him in passing from his bedroom to his bathroom and when it's warm out we do meet in the yard for a casual exchange of words. I can see that he's not feeling well although he tells me that he's feeling fine. Maybe he's missing me too.

Jybow, (Jimmy's cat) misses Jimmy very much too. She been clawing under his door trying to get him to come out or to open the door so that she can be with him. She's used to sleeping on his lap while he watches TV in the morning & evenings and she doesn't understand why he won't let her in the bedroom. She's been his cat since she was a tiny kitten and they have their daily rituals together, and have had them for several years and she's not giving up trying to reach him. I just hope that she doesn't tear up the floor or chew up the door trying to get in there to him.

Jimmy's confinement will be over on the 28th and today he said that he's dreaming of nothing but a juicy T-bone steak.

3 comments: said...

Good afternoon love ya.
Wow that is tough. I have seen movies that are tough to watch and I understand but then again I am not you or Jimmy.
We can understand love a lot more by not being what we used to call normal. I have seen movies when prisoners are confined to bread and water. Wow that is tough!
Love ya

... Paige said...

{{hugs}} to you and Jimmy both. hang in there

I can only guess how horrible it is to be so close and it's still to far away

le sigh

Susan said...

I had to read back a few posts to see why you are missing Jimmy... bummer, don't understand why he has to be in such isolation? Hang in there!