Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Yesterday I had an appointment with my sleep clinic doctor and since the days have been so pretty, I decided that I wanted to ride my bike to my appointment, so Jimmy washed it for me. Isn't that nice?

Yesterday was a little windy but without the cool breeze it would have been an unbearably hot day. You can see from the picture how sunny it was.

And of course after washing my bike Jimmy also washed his. When I take the car to routine doctor's appointments I usually go alone, but since I chose to ride my bike Jimmy went with me. I've never gone anywhere on my bike alone, without Jimmy, and I like it that way :)


Daisy using my leg as a leaning post.

Daisy using the post as a leaning post. She doesn't
care what she leans on just as long as she has something
to lean on.

I need to start washing my own bike again because I noticed that Jimmy takes a lot more time washing his bike. (wink, wink)

SEE! He's still washing his bike, hmmm.

And Daisy is still leaning on me...

Here's our Princess. She's relaxing away from her kittens and enjoying my company. Daisy, Princess & I sat on the swing together and every once in a while Jimmy would 'accidentally' spray us with the water hose which felt really good on such a hot day. My doctor's appointment wasn't until the afternoon, so we had plenty of time to just relax and enjoy the morning.

A funny thing happened after Jimmy & I went inside the house. I decided to check my email and Jimmy was keeping tract of the time for us. He finally said that we should leave now if we were going to get to my appointment at White House Clinic on time. I began to panic because my appointment was not at WHC but in the next town, so I shut my pc down, put on my shoes and took off. When we arrived at the hospital where my doctor's office is located, we couldn't find a parking space and finally found one a mile away. As fast as we could we made it to the doctor's door just in time for my appointment just to find a note tapped on the door....."Our office has moved to a new location." I read the new address and didn't have any idea where it was, so I called the office for directions and to tell them that I was calling from their old office and that I was on my way...they understood. As it turned out, I had passed right by their new office location and simply had to back track and head towards home. The new offices are easier to get to and have ample parking just for my doctors patients, so no more hunting for a space to park and walking from a block away which isn't so bad if you have plenty of time.

After my appointment we went riding and enjoyed the rest of the day. I think it was the hottest day we've had so far.


Rachel said...

WHC, wasn't it next to OutBack? I think I saw it there the last time I was in Richmond I was going to eat at Outback and it didn't open until 4 p.m. I ended up going to Red Lobster instead.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hi Rachel. I go to WHC in Berea, but I was looking for Dr. Joshi's office in Richmond. It's a Pulmonary & Sleep Disorder Clinic and it's behind Sonny's Restaurant on that road across from Krogers.
When are you going to come over? We miss you.

Anonymous said...

Don't start washing your own bike,then I will have to start washing my own too:)
Daisy is a mess,leaning on you,too cute. said...

That reminds me I have to clean out moms van before Saturday.