Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's finally here

The call we've been waiting for finally came this morning, and Jimmy is scheduled to start his cancer treatments on April 12th. They're mailing him out the papers with his schedule, but he goes to the Cancer Institute at Central Baptist Hospital on Monday for his first shot, then 24 hrs later (Tuesday) he gets his second shot, then on Wednesday he receives the Radioactive Iodine capsule or pill. Then he goes into isolation for a week and on the final day of his isolation he reports to the hospital for a total body scan.

In prep for this he (we) have been on a strict diet of eating nothing but fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh meat, totally eliminating iodine from his body and other things like additives, preservatives, dyes and anything found in prepackaged foods. Eating out is absolutely prohibited because you can't be sure of what's in the food. He hasn't been able to drink milk which he loves, or eat beef because it contains red coloring, no dairy products or anything cured or pickled, no fish, no soy products, no eggs, no name it and he can't have it!

We've been on this diet for almost a week and it will continue until about four days into the isolation period. About the only safe foods for him to eat are fresh fruits & veggies steamed or raw with nothing added but olive oil, and we're starving here! No we really aren't, we're just eating VERY HEALTHY and I don't know how long I can stand eating this way. Unlike Jimmy, I love fresh fruits & veggies, but I also like everything else too!


Rachel said...

Well Sandy, I didn't know Jimmy was going to have to have all this. I'll certainly keep him in my prayers.

It's great that you two have been eating alike, but even though it's hard, it sure does sound so healthy!!

Give Jimmy a hug for me! Hugs to you too dear lady!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thanks for your prayers Rachel and I will give Jimmy a GREAT BIG HUG and tell him that it's from YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

serious stuff for precautionary measures. said...

Good evening. Enjoy Love ya

Cliff said...

Best wishes to you both. Blessings on both of you. cm

Alipurr said...

you are both in my thoughts and prayers, love you