Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Cable Guy

It's another beautiful day and the cable guy is here to install our new HD programming and to add another DISH box and to replace the old box with a newer one. When I called they said, "Oh, no problem. We'll send a guy over with a new box ,and by the way, you're old box will also have to be replaced and then he'll set up your HD programming."

It all sounded rather simple to me, but when the cable guy came the first thing he said was that he would have to set up a new outdoor dish; a bigger one. He didn't say he was going to replace one dish for the other, but that he had to set up another entirely new dish pointing in a different direction. This new bigger dish would be set on a pole in the yard and the old dish attached to the house we could do whatever we wanted to do with that dish like leave it alone or remove it.

Okay, so we got that all settled and the new bigger dish set in the yard and now to put the boxes in place and we'd have HDTV.

NOT SO FAST! This new HD programming requires that brand new cable must be installed throughout the whole house. The TV's in each room are pulled out the furniture is pulled out, a closet is emptied and my clean house is now an ABSOLUTE MESS!!! and he's just beginning. Then he tells us that when he's done we still won't have HD programming but only all the equipment installed capable of receiving HD programming. He said that when he leaves we have to go to Walmart or Radio Shack and buy HDMI cables, that aren't cheap by the way, and that's why they don't supply them. And then we have to hook them up ourselves. He did say that he would show us how to hook the HDMI cables when he leaves.

If I would have known that it would have been this much trouble I might have given it more thought but the cable guy was very nice and he and Jimmy worked together to get everything hooked up. He also programmed the remotes so that each tv only requires the use of ONE remote control to operate the tv and that's great not having so many separate remotes.

So now to straighten the house back up so I can continue my de-cluttering. The cable guy is just programming the last remote to the TV and then his work is done. He's had Jimmy sign the final papers and it's adios.

Oops....the cable guy is having a problem with the last TV and now part of the threshold and carpet are being taken up. Something is wrong with the cable and newer new cable is being put in. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.....

I've suddenly lost my appetite for cleaning house.

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Cheyenne said...

Don't they charge more for HD programs too?

I would not want to go through that for any reason. We have DirecTV since 1997 and won't be making any changes unless we absolutely have to as far as HD is concerned.

But once you do get everything hooked up properly I'm sure your TV viewing will be absolutely splendid!