Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If You Know Me, You know I love storms.... I can say that the last couple of days have been beautiful days, even though we had strong winds and some stormy weather yesterday.
Another nice thing that happened yesterday was that during the storms we, meaning Me, Jimmy & Ron, decided to go to Ryan's to eat.  We sat by the windows and watched it rain cats & dogs while we ate and by the time we got back home we found that we had gotten lots of needed rain...lots and lots of it.
Today my friend Gloria came over, and we all went to Ryan's once again to eat.  Gloria is my friend and has been my friend since way before I knew that Jimmy even existed, that's how long we have been friends.  We've been friends for so long that she's like a big sister.  While we were visiting and waiting for time to pass until mealtime, Ron who happened to be shopping stopped by and all four of us went to eat and then when we were finished eating Gloria went home and Jimmy & I made plans with Ron for tomorrow.  Thankfully the plans do not include eating at Ryan's once again.  Ryan's is a favorite buffet restaurant that Jimmy & Ron like to eat at.  Me, I prefer a little more variety in places to eat.  I like to mix it up because I get tired or eating at the same place all the time, but don't tell Ron & Jimmy that, shhhhhhhhhhh.   If you ask them where they want to eat they will pick Ryan's all the time.....
unless I say, "I'm paying!"

(They don't hardly ever let me pay though.)

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