Sunday, October 24, 2010

A ride back to Buckhorn for the buffet

The last time Jimmy & I rode our bikes to Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park we went by ourselves and started our ride some time after lunch so we didn't have much time to waste. We went straight there and back and still arrived back home after dark. Brian & Reva were disappointed that they didn't get to go, so this time we did a do-over and all of us went to Buckhorn together, but we started much earlier in the morning, and this time we got there in time to eat the buffet. Our state parks have great buffets with very good well seasoned food.

Below are some of the pictures that I took today and I really need to get serious about getting a helmet cam so that I won't miss those beautiful pictures just because there is no place to safely pull over and stop for a picture. We saw some really spectacular fall colors today which made the ride well worth taking. I think we all enjoyed the ride today even though it was an extremely long one and we're all worn out and have declared tomorrow a day of rest.

There were lots of bikers out riding today
and they seemed to all have the same idea as us...
to stop and eat at the State Park buffet.
The fall colors were beautiful coming and going
to Buckhorn today.
Me on the balcony

Reva & Brian resting near an old country store
in Buckhorn, Ky.

Buckhorn Lake
On the balcony at the lodge.
We often stay at the lodges because there is so much
more to do than staying in a motel...and the scenery is
prettier too.
The pool was closed for the winter
What we came for...
The Buffet.

Someone with a bike like Jimmy's parked right next to him,
and later someone with a bike like mine made it a point
to stop and talk to me about my bike.
Brandon trying his dad's bike on for size.

The old country store and gas station
in Buckhorn, Ky.

Jimmy & Brian looking at an old church in
Buckhorn, Ky.
Today we came home from Buckhorn State Resort Park via highway 28, 11, 52, 25 & 1016 all of which were so curvy that I was never so glad to see the house. We rode too far coming as close as 19 miles to Natural Bridge State Resort Park. If it had been summer we could have visited the two parks in one day, but darkness was approaching. Brian, Reva & Brandon didn't make it home until after dark today as they had a longer ride home.

Winter will be here before we know it so we are trying to take advantage of these beautiful fall days to ride. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and the temperature is supposed to cool down. Today it reached 80 degrees and it got a bit hotter when we drove right through a forest fire. Luckily the fires were almost out and all that we encountered was lots of smoke and smoldering timbers on both sides of the road. We passed by it quickly and were soon out of the smoke.

I hope that your day was as enjoyable and as eventful as ours. We had a very good day spent with family....what could be better?
I know......more family.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed the pictures

Eric Schonblom said...

Glad you enjoyed Buckhorn and our historic church. Google "constancesavery" to check it out. Cody's Corner, the "old country store" that you photographed, is only about three years old. H.C. Sparks's old store is across the highway. Drop in next time.