Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Helping Family

Yesterday Jimmy went back out to Brian's to help him again and to our surprise our grandson was also there to lend a hand.  Doug is usually not there during the week days because of work, but his construction crew didn't have work to do yesterday so he got the day off and headed over to help his dad like a good son.

With the insulation done on the kitchen wall the day before, it was now time to reconstruct the old deck with whatever good used treated lumber that could be scrounged up.  No one has any money to buy new treated decking but there were just enough treated 2 x 6's to finish half the original deck.  The old deck had been there since about 1975 or 76 and it was the original nails who hadn't survived the years of wear & tear along with some of the boards. Todays job was to rebuild it back so that Brian & Reva could again use their front door.

Below are pictures, not in any particular order of yesterdays activities.  In return for a days work, all the men wanted was a home cooked meal from Reva.  Reva is an excellent cook and Doug loves coming over to help his dad just so that he can get some of his mom's home cooking :))

Each piece of lumber had to be looked at carefully
and then the nails had to be pulled out of it before
they could use it in part or in whole.

Taking a break

sawdust covered deck
The deck was originally built around this tree and the deck
has had to be cut away from it as it has grown.

Jimmy & Doug worked very well together and
Jimmy was impressed with Doug's work.

Jango the fearless

Jimmy & Doug

Brian, Jimmy & Doug
Although it may look like work, when you get family together it becomes fun and the kind of social event I like being invited to.  There's nothing like a family working together like this to keep a family close.  Between taking pictures, I spent both days visiting with Reva, her mother and walking over to Sharon's house and visiting with her and Scott and checking up on her new kitten.
I was also amazed at how healthy country cats can be who only get fed dry cat food once a day.  I'm sure they also eat Reva's leftover cooking and probably catch mice, birds and snakes.  Brian also told me that Reva brushes each of their 9 cats every evening.  I asked Reva why they don't have any kittens and she told me that all of their cats have been fixed.  Here is a picture of their 9 cats.
The cats are all very friendly and all very beautiful
with shiny thick coats all ready for winter.


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This is a very nice post with some great photos. The old decking is some great wood. The deck looks solid and secure.