Monday, November 08, 2010

Mens work is NEVER done

Because of Brian's disability he isn't able to do everything that he would like to do so on Saturdays his son Doug comes over to help out his dad by doing all those things that his dad isn't able to do.  So today while Jimmy & I were considering starting a big job of our own we thought about Brian and his wishes to get his home winterized before it gets too cold, so Jimmy decided that he wanted to go over and help Brian out today.  Brian does all he can do despite the pain he's in but there are just some things he can't do or he'll end up on his back for 3-4 months recovering.  He has to be very careful and do things at his own pace, but when Doug or Jimmy are there he can stand back and just supervise mostly.

Insulating a wall
Taking a break
This picture is for my brother. It was on the neighbor's house out at the cabin.


3 comments: said...

We have a restaurant here in town that has one of those signs inside. It kinda puts me in my place.

Anonymous said...

We are so thankful for Jimmy helping out! Then the next day were very happy to see Doug and Jimmy show up to help and they got the deck up and it is looking so good! It is so nice to have family like that that are willing to help each other out! And thank you Sandy for keeping me company while they worked, I enjoyed it. :) We love you all very much!


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Jimmy loves helping when he can and it was such a nice surprise to see Doug there today too. He is usually working during the week days but he works construction and today they had no work to do so he came over to help his dad.

I've got some pictures of them working today on the deck,but I'm charging my camera battery so I have to wait to get the pictures. I will post them asap.