Thursday, December 23, 2010

He's Not Glowing, But.....

Jimmy is radioactive again.  Can't be around any small children or pregnant women for 24 hours.

That sure was great news to receive as Jimmy was walking out of the imaging center yesterday after his PET SCAN.  And just 3 days before Christmas too.  I'm not so sure we should risk going to Zac's for a noon time Christmas Eve gathering tomorrow, because Megan will be there and she's in the very early stages of pregnancy.  Jimmy will definitely be safe to be around by Christmas day but tomorrow???? I'm not so sure.

As I always say, "Better safe than sorry."


Motherkitty said...

Wonderful news about Megan. When's her due date? Please give her our love and tell her how happy we are about her good news.

ICECAZ Productions said...

I when Jen told me Jimmy was radioactive, I told her he was developing his super powers.