Monday, June 06, 2011

First night out

A couple of nights ago our little calico Squeaker spent its first night outside, from dark until daylight.  When daylight came it was ready to come inside and it became a very needy cat not wanting to be anywhere but in Jimmy's lap.

Last night Squeaker stayed outside until 2 a.m. before she and her mother Princess were ready to come inside.  We're very happy that Squeak is getting accustomed to the outdoors and to the backyard in particular.  We want her to feel safe anywhere that she might be, and this has been a big, big step for Squeak.  Before this time she wanted nothing to do with the out of doors.  She still refuses to go out in the daytime and prefers the dark of night, but it's a start and one we're very happy about.
The Squeak,
better known to Jimmy
as his little fuzz ball.


sewa mobil said...

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Rachel said...

Ah, Squeak, or the Fuzz Ball, is adorable!! What a cutie!! She probably likes to go out at night because it's cooler, less traffic and people, ....or who knows! I have two that I make come in at night. They have a round of hard playing after they come in and they are wild, bouncing from room to room and off the sofa and chairs, chasing each other! Now they are settled down for a rest.

I don't know if you read my blog anymore, but my poor Munchie got killed a few weeks ago. I hated it so badly. She was such a sweet cat. I still miss her.