Friday, June 10, 2011

Today was a beautiful day for a ride

This morning Jimmy and I headed out on our bikes towards the southern part of the state, and at the same time Ron & Linda headed north to meet us.  We met at the McDonald's in Monticello, Kentucky and worked our way north to the Olive Garden in Richmond for supper.  The day was hot and the thermometer at the bank said it was 95 degrees, but lucky me I had one of those thingamabobs that wraps around your neck and keeps you cool on a hot day.

I just feel so blessed that we are all able to do get out and ride together even though we live many miles apart.  Linda is such a pretty little thing and I was very glad that she was able to take some time off work to ride with us.  Since I'm driving my own bike I can't take pictures like I used to when I was a passenger, so not too many pictures get taken, but here are just a few that we took today while stopped.

I took these first two pictures with my cell phone
while we were stopped by a flagman.
This is Ron & Linda.

Most of the pictures are of Ron & Linda...(smile)

Ron on his Harley with Linda

Ron & Linda
(I really love this picture)

Ron & Linda.
Jimmy is off to the side standing near my red bike.
Jimmy's bike is hidden by Ron's Harley.

Linda, Sandy (me) and Ron

Ron & Linda

After we got home it rained so I went outside to
stand in it while I took this picture.  Boy, did it feel good!
I can't wait to do this again but I'm hoping that some of the rest of the family will come join us for a ride soon. Give me a call and we'll all go out riding together.  We'll take a cooler of pop, Gatorade and some water and we'll all have a good time...I promise.

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