Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Birthday

Only one more hour and my birthday will be over with for another year.  Today my girls cooked me supper, Sharon, Reva, Suzanne & Megan and I'd like to thank them VERY MUCH.  It was DELICIOUS to say the least!  I always feel so blessed that we are able to get together for family birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year, and I'm glad that we live close enough to be able to do this and that we want to.

Below are some pictures that Jimmy, Sharon and Brian took of my 67th birthday today, and to see more pictures just CLICK HERE.

My Birthday Cake

The Gangs almost all here except for those that had to work.
They did all call me though....sigh and smile
and some even sang to me.

Sharon, Brian and myself

Megan and Myles

Suzanne holding Myles as Megan looks on.


Cheyenne said...

Happy belated birthday. Mine was the 23rd and my husband's is the 25th. We have been celebrating since Friday, continuing into Sunday. Have a good one! said...

Happy Birthday Sandy.

Alipurr said...

Happy Birthday!!! Wish we lived closer...we would have come by...
love the pics, esp the one of meg and sweet