Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Great-Grandson is beginning to communicate with us

I will be 8 weeks old next Monday Grandma

My g-grandma is soft and comfy

Grandpa, remember to move your fingers,
oh well....

Grandpa Wallace likes to take pictures of his fingers

Where's my blanket?
It's just a little chilly out here in the shade.

Oh Grandma, that feels so much better.
I wuv you grandma!

My grandma Wallace loves me too!

I have a pretty grandma and she looks a lot like
my mommy

I can see a kitty cat from here eating under that umbrella

I like to have my back rubbed by grandma

I can hold my head up too,
but only for a few seconds. 

Oh Grandma....that feels soooo goood

I always wake up happy,
but could you please change my diaper
and in about half an hour I'd like to have some
warm milk.

4 comments: said...

Happy is a nice family, love ya

Alipurr said...

great pics...that last one with the caption is hilarious, esp with Myles' big grin :)

HORIZON said...

I'm not sure if you remember me Sandy (Sarah in Scotland) but just wanted to say how lovely the photos were of the wee man. I have a little granddaughter now as well- grandbabies are the very best! ;) Please say hello to Sharon for me - l was away from blogging for a good long while- when my wee granddaughter was being born, etc. Life moves on. All the very best to you and family.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Sarah....thank you for stopping by to visit and congratulations on the birth of your little granddaughter. I will pass on the message to Sharon and I'm sure that she will be delighted to hear from you too.