Friday, October 07, 2011

The First Week in October

Every since I got my new smartphone, it seems that I'm constantly checking my calendar to see if I can squeeze any more events and things to do in it.  My life suddenly seems very busy, but I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  My time is spent with family and helping Jimmy.  I've spent time with every single one of my grandchildren this week except for Brandon, but I am holding Brandon's PSP hostage and I know that he'll have to come see me to get it back, lol.

Besides going to Buffalo Wild Wings with Megan, Myles and Sharon, I'll be meeting them again next Tuesday for a girls day out....but men are welcomed if they want to join us.

Doug works construction and on one of the days when they had no work to do, Doug came over and helped Jimmy repair one of our storage buildings.  He's a very good worker and was a great help to Jimmy, but unfortunately for us he was called back to his regular job.

The shed got a new roof

Doug working on the back wall

With Doug gone back to his regular job, that left me to help Jimmy out....And,  I'll have to pat myself on the back if I don't say so myself :)  It had been 17 years since I had helped build anything, but it all came back to me once I started in on the job.  Jimmy called me "bossy" at first, but then I showed him that I knew what I was doing.  I had my shortcuts to measuring and marking the boards, which Jimmy didn't understand at first, but he let me do it my way, I'm sure hoping that I would fail, but I think I surprised him instead, because I was allowed to help for a second and third day.

Time to start on the front 

My first piece fit perfectly and so did all of my other cuts

Look how nice the door looks.
The supports are on the inside of the door so it
won't warp.

Now I'm cutting the trim

The shed is almost complete.  All it needs now are the new shingles on the roof.  I think I'll just hand them up to Jimmy and let him do that job.  We have one more shed to repair and I'm really looking forward to helping with that job too.

Zac stopped by to visit on Wednesday and we all went to Papaleno's for lunch.  After lunch he came back to the house and called his mom (Sharon) and she came by after she finished her job.

Since they were both on their bikes,
they rode home together which was nice.

The Mon, Wed, Friday visits to the vet are still going on with Princess, so that in itself keeps me running to Richmond all the time.  She's doing great and her kidney function tests are just about back to normal levels.

Princess at the vets office
While working on the shed Jimmy burned out his circular saw and we had to go to Richmond to buy another one and we ran into Sharon and Myles (on purpose).  I knew she was there shopping because she had text me, so I directed Jimmy into that direction so that I could see Myles :)

This is what Myles looked like down in the snugly thing

And of course Sharon was buying baby items for Myles, including that Snugly thing, and if you look in that shopping cart there is a jogging stroller so that Myles can go jogging with Sharon.
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