Thursday, January 09, 2014

Expected High Today 45F Degrees

Boy! it sure does feel good and it almost feels like a tee-shirt kind of day, but only for a minute or two and then I had to come back in the house to warm up.  It's 39 degrees right now and the house is dripping and was forming icicles until I took the broom outside and broke them all off.  I saw a large one fall and I was afraid that one might fall and hit someone or some cat and hurt them.   Can't have that!

Jimmy had chemo yesterday and is doing pretty well.  He woke up and did some of his usual chores that he likes doing around the house, but now he's dozing.  He's pretty tired and that's pretty understandable considering, so I'll let him rest as much as he wants to today.  I have plenty of food and will fix something here for us to eat.  We try to get out everyday, but I think that today might just be one of those days when we just stay in and rest.....besides, I heard that the flu is getting more rampant and even though we've had our flu shots, I don't like even being around anyone who might be sick.  Jimmy doesn't need that.

We kind of got good news yesterday from the oncologist.  He said that maybe it might be time for Jimmy to take a needed break from chemo.  He asked Jimmy how he would feel about that, and Jimmy said that he would love it!  So we will see.  Dr. Badin (pronounced Ba deen) ordered a cat scan for the end of January and depending on the results,  Jimmy will get his needed break....only a break unless Jimmy choses to completely stop, but right now Jimmy wants to continue with chemo for as long as it takes....but he would like a break just like a working man would like a vacation.

Every single family member is doing fine.  No one is sick and Brian is taking it easy with his back since his last injection.  Brandon is back at college after the Christmas break and has started a new semester of classes.  Megan is recovering from her last surgery and is happy as a lark being at home with her family for now.  She will return to work in another week.  Scott received good news at work and that's about all I know about that for now.  If he has further news I'm sure we will be the first to know :)  I feel great knowing that my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all doing fine and that Jimmy might get his needed break from chemo....I can only imagine how good Jimmy will feel and this will give me even more joy :)  We are all starting out the new year with good news.

In other news as far as I know, no one had any frozen water pipes that burst, and no one slipped and fell on ice.  All the outside feral cats survived the -5F degrees and are also doing fine, including Hemi.  Jimmy always says that cats know where to go to get warm, but I still worried about them until I saw them yesterday.  The six cats that are litter trained we kept as prisoners in the house and didn't let out until the weather was they won't stay out even though they couldn't wait to be set free.

So there you have life in a nutshell :)

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