Saturday, April 26, 2014

I think I'll call her Aubrey

It stopped raining about noon yesterday and it turned out to be a very beautiful day.  Today the sun is out and the expected high will be in the low 80's.  Our weather here is very touchy in April and May.  We can go from 80 degree weather to freezing temps for our high to constant rain that won't let up for a week.  One year it rained on the weekends for 13 weekends in a row and everyone who had a Mon-Fri work week, including myself, got really fed up seeing Monday morning arrive all sunny and pretty.  Of course after about 3 weekends of rain, I got smart and headed out of the state for the weekends, to where the sun was.

Jimmy and I don't have any plans for today, but we never make plans other than getting up out of bed.  It's because we never know how Jimmy will be feeling.  Now that Spring is here, and the days are warming up I'm more inclined to start making plans again.  Besides, Jimmy has been feeling better and I'm getting used to what and when things happen to him after he has chemo.

We have been venturing out a little farther than just to eat everyday, and Jimmy is doing fine.  I can tell when he is tired, so I don't push it any further.  Even asking Jimmy where he would like to eat is a chore for him.  He would rather that I didn't ask and just take us somewhere.  

Eating isn't as enjoyable to him as it is to me.  He eats only to survive.  Jimmy lost his sense of taste and smell sometime before 2008, we don't know exactly when, or even in what year it was.  I just know that on a trip in 2008 was when I noticed him happily eating guacamole dip.  Everyone who knows Jimmy well,  knows that there are certain things that he won't eat and avocados are on the list and so is rice which he also ate that summer.

Before I finish here I have to tell you some good news.  We have tamed a feral female mother cat.  This morning she got out of her box and came to meet me when I stepped out on the porch.  She has been letting me pet her and I guess in return I get to guard her four kittens while she goes to pee.  One of her kittens is black n white and is marked exactly like one of the big roaming tomcats who stops by this area.  In fact, that tom was laying on our front porch last night, but ran off when he saw me.  I haven't picked up or touched her kittens because I don't want to give her reason to move them, but it is hard not to pick them up and hold them.  They are about 4 days old.  The mothers coat is black and rusty brown and very thick.  I think she is very sweet and craving human interaction.  This is her second litter, and she must be a very good mother because all of her last years litter survived and are so wild that they run when they see you, but we can see them through the windows.  Since Aubrey is tamed now, we can get her fixed once she weans her kittens.  I just hope that she doesn't move her litter, so that we can also tame them and find them good homes.

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