Monday, May 05, 2014

Sunshine and Flowers

It is such a beautiful day today and we couldn't of wished for a better day if we had tried.....unless of course we won the lottery and we found out that Jimmy's cancer had flown the coup and was nowhere to be seen. 

Sandie was here today and she wants to come every Monday instead of just every other Monday.  Sandie helps with the cleaning around here, the deep cleaning, and she does a great job.  I do the day to day stuff, but Sandie gets down and scrubs and when she's done you know that she has been here.

Yesterday Ray came by and mowed the yard for us.  Brandon wanted to mow and weed eat, but I told him to help his mom and dad finish moving first, and then he could mow in another week.  Mowing is a never ending job and to do it right you have to mow every single week and sometimes more.  I'm looking forward to spending more time with Brandon.

Today we missed a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Sharon and the kids in a Lexington Mexican Restaurant, but we were expecting Sandie so it couldn't be helped.  Maybe next year we will be able to celebrate with all of them.  As our consolation prize we did make a trip to Walmart today and a quick stop to visit Brian, Reva & Brandon and to check out their new patio table & chairs.  The consolation prize was the trip to Walmart and not stopping to see Brian, Reva and Brandon :)  It was a fun filled day of doing practically nothing, but doing it with family made it WONDERFUL.

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