Tuesday, November 04, 2014

when crying doesn't help you wish for a nightmare

I'm lost, and I lost my way on October 10, 2014, and it is only getting worse by the day.  I feel so alone.  I want to reach out to someone, anyone, who I think could help me find my way, but there is no one, because the only person that could possibly ease my pain is gone, and he won't be coming back.

Death happens to everyone.  No one is immune, but yet we are always taken by surprise, even when it is expected we don't want it to happen.  We want death put off and we pray for miracles because we have a friend who had a friend who was told that they would only live for another week and they are still alive after 40 years.  So we pray for a miracle and are disappointed when none happens.  I'm still praying for a miracle.  I want to wake up and find out that this has been nothing but an awful nightmare.  That's all I want.  It's not to much to ask......

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