Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sleeping has been a problem

I slept very good last night and I think I actually might have gotten my full 7-8 hours for once.  I don't normally sleep that long, but I have not even been on a normal schedule of sleeping for the last 6-9 months, and definitely not on any kind schedule since Jimmy died.  I have sleep apnea and my doctor and I have been trying to work on getting me more than 2-4 hours of sleep a night.  She has even suggested medication, but I won't take any.  I don't take medications on a regular basis and I really would rather put that off until I am older or have a real problem.  I'm just not a pill taker, and I don't get sick very often.

I am meeting new friends all the time and it is surprising how many of my new acquaintances know my entire family, including my beloved Jimmy.  Living in such a small town it's not surprising that everyone knows practically everyone else, but what is surprising is on how much personal information they do know, and sometimes that becomes a little unsettling when you are trying to keep your personal info out of the conversation, like exactly where you live.  Not to worry, they already know and they knew the moment they saw you walk in the door for the first time.  Kinda creepy huh?  But that's life in a small town and you better get used to it.  I have just been out of the loop for so long that I had forgotten that everyone knows everyone else, and everyone's business in a small town.

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