Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Just out driving

I had so much fun yesterday.  Steve and I drove to Clinch Mountain on a whim.  We were just out driving and I decided on my own to drive him to Cumberland Gap and through the tunnel to Tennessee and back.  I would have driven him over to Virginia but I couldn't get into the outside lane to leave I-75 onto an Exit that went over to Virginia.  After I got back into Kentucky, I took Steve to Pine Mountain and we drove around there for a while.  I love days like these.  We both enjoyed our ride.

Re: My cataract surgery.....My left eye is healed, but I still have one more week of steroid drops into my right eye and it will be healed.  I had another post-op exam today and will have another one in two weeks.  By that time the eye doctor will be able to tell which type of eye wear I might need to read the fine print on medicine bottles.  Right now I can read normal print and I can see off in the distance very good.  I'm pleased with the out-come of my cataract surgery and now I can drive in the dark without any problems, or headlights shining in my eyes.


DVP and NARFE Local Chapter 1373 said...

I did not think about that night driving. I about scared Laurel and Allison when we drove back from the hospital when Laurel had her surgery a few months back; I could not see well because the night lights blinded me.
I am taking drops in my eyes and the doctor said I have 20/30 vision and I only need glasses for reading or computing. I will get a prescription at the end of the month for prescription reading glasses. Each eye is a little different, not much just a little.
I am very happy that you and Steve are enjoying your travels across our beautiful states.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and can read small print up close. There are times tho when the lights inside are too dim for me to be able to read. My old eyes require more light than they used to. In two weeks I may need a prescription pair of glasses, but for now I don't need glasses for near or far vision.