Saturday, September 05, 2015

Keeping active

I have been very busy since last Thursday doing things around the house.  On Thursday I pushed mowed my entire yard again and this time there was no one around to help me, so it took me 4 hot hours to get it done.  It was enjoyable tho with my ear buds in my ears listening to my favorite music.  I also wet myself down at times because I mowed during the hottest part of the day and the sun was quick to dry me off.  

Yesterday I tore the house apart and sprayed for bugs.  I hate spiders and I had seen one too many,  along with other bugs with too many legs.  I also washed and dried all of the laundry, and tomorrow I will vacuum all the carpets and mop all the floors.  Today I will rest and probably get back to my normal activities of walking laps around the track in the coolness of the evening.

My eyes are healed from my cataract surgery and so far I can read regular print, like that found on computers, in newspapers, menus and books without the use of eye glasses.  I have perfect vision, like that of a young person, but for how long nobody knows.  I still have to wear sunglasses tho when I am out in the sun.  I also have an eye condition called pseudo-exfoliation which if not watched closely may cause glaucoma which leads to blindness.  The eye doctor has to keep checking the pressure that builds up in my eyes so that it doesn't reach 20.  So far I am at 13 which is very good.

I have a new kitten that I am keeping for myself.  The kitten looks like Harley, so someone appropriately named it, Baby Harley or Little Harley.  It looks like a Siamese cat with big beautiful blue eyes, and is very people friendly, like big Harley,  so I have to keep it in the house except when I am outside to watch it.  When it is older and knows where home is, I will let it out on its own.  Eventually I will probably name it something else, but for now Baby Harley or Little Harley is fine.   And YES, I am probably known as The Cat Lady by my neighbors.   And speaking of neighbors, one of them took the spotted leopard looking gray kitten yesterday, but I suspect I will eventually get it back because the neighbor just lives too close.     

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TomDennis Diaz said...

hat sounds like a lot of hard work. I am glad you are capable of working hard.