Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Black Eyes

I failed to mention in any previous posts that I have two black eyes, and that I look like a raccoon.  I fell the night of January 7th while getting up during the night and I tripped on something which put a pop-knot on my forehead.  I didn't trip on a cat as some of you might think, but maybe on my own loose PJ bottoms that drag the floor.  At first it was only a pop-knot, but as the days rolled by my eyes turned black and I also had some bruising on each side of the bridge of my nose.  The bruises under my eyes, forehead and nose are clearing up, but you can still see them even with sunglasses on. I was trying to hide my bruises, but Suzanne spotted them right off today, so I guess everyone else I have been talking to has also seen them, but just has been polite enough not to say anything to me about them.   

Hahaha, and here I thought I was hiding them behind sunglasses.  I came on home today after Suzanne asked me how I got two black eyes, and I put makeup over them, but now they really show up like sore thumbs.  I'm going to stay in for the rest of the night and hope that tomorrow they will lighten up some more.

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