Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm doing fine

Things are better for me at the moment, in fact they are great except that I'm stuck here at home because of two to three inches of snow on the ground with more expected to fall by Friday.  I think I just heard on the radio that five more inches are expected to fall on Friday.

I got back together with Steve this past week and things couldn't be better.  I still have my friendship with Rick, which I wouldn't give up for any amount of money in the world.  My relationship with Steve has been rocky, but this time we are talking and we have an understanding, so I think all will be much better now.  We had lots of misunderstandings and we both listened to people we shouldn't have listened to, and that's why things never worked out for us.  I love Steve and he loves me, so that's all that matters for now.  Some people say that he is, not Jimmy, and that's right, but there will never be another Jimmy, and I don't expect to find anyone like Jimmy because he was one of a kind.

Steve and Rick are both special to me and I love them both in different ways, and for different reasons.  They have both been here for me this past year when I needed someone most after Jimmy died.   They helped me cope and they made me laugh again when I thought my life was over.  Steve brought love and tenderness back into my life, and Rick is stable, strong, dependable and caring, and they are both very good friends.  Most people don't understand the connection that I have for these two men, that I hold near and dear to my heart, but it's not for all to understand, just me.  

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