Friday, February 19, 2016


Today was one of the best weather days that we have had in a while.....60 degrees and sunny.  Steve and I went to Richmond and walked the length of the Richmond Centre Mall and back to the car which was parked at Hastings.  We walked in several stores and then stopped into Olive Garden for soup and salad.  That's about the cheapest that you can eat there except for just ordering a coke, and only a coke.

Yesterday we walked around the Galaxy Bowling Alley and all around that area after we played several games of air hockey at the bowling alley.  

Steve and I try to walk somewhere everyday to get some exercise.  One day during a rainstorm we stopped into the movies and saw a movie to pass the time, but most times we find an indoor mall to walk in.  Two days ago we drove to Lexington and walked all through the Fayette Mall.  It is like a maze in there with lots to see and plenty of areas to walk in.  While there we ate at the food court, but generally we eat before we leave the house and then eat again after we come back home.  Eating out is something we don't do much of.

Most days we walk on the Berea College track and in Walmart, but that gets tiring after a while, and we need a change.   There is a paved walking trail at Indian Fort Theater and sometimes we drive out there and walk it.  It's much prettier to walk that trail when the leaves are out.

At night we are tired so we watch movies on Netflix.  I hope everyone is enjoying this Winter as much as we are. 

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