Thursday, April 07, 2016

Call someone who cares.....

After I talked with the man I thought I loved yesterday I wondered why I was missing him so much?  Why was I missing this man who thinks more of getting drunk than being with someone who loved him as much as I did, and is as wonderful as me?  Yes, I am a wonderful person.  So I have a different perspective this morning.  I don’t think that he can hurt me anymore because he’s not who I thought he was.  His mask has fallen off and he can’t seem to find it in all that drunken fog, but I have seen him and it’s too late for him to try and hide now and pretend to be someone who cares.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why would you physically hurt me over keeping lies from this drunk. If you lie to him then you lie to me when you say you love me but never call to apologize.
Doesn't matter actions speak louder than words. Waiting for actions from you!
I love you,miss you,need you in my life. Truth!