Monday, May 23, 2016

My very first solo moped ride

I was encouraged and nudged forcibly into driving a 2008 125cc Genuine Buddy Scooter this past Sunday evening, by myself.  Of course, Rick who made me take the plunge was brave enough to be my passenger.  No one else has dared enough to be so brave as to ride on the back of someone who never has ridden a moped, but Jimmy when he was teaching me how to ride a 1976 450cc Honda Rebel around 9 years ago.  

I was so nervous about driving the moped, and it was a bit shaky at first until I got the hang of it and relaxed a little.  Of course, like always, I still have to practice on stopping the thing.  Stopping still shakes me up a bit, but Rick says that after a few more weekend lessons that I'll be good at it, and then he will release me to ride all by myself without a passenger. 

Finally there is another brave soul (Rick) who cares enough about me to teach me the things I want to do the most, and who is willing to put his whole life in my hands.  Of course, we both wore helmets just in case I crashed.

Update:  Rick came over today and took me out to ride the scooter again this afternoon and this time he got off the scooter and let me ride it on my own.  He had me practice stopping and turning around, which I am still shaky at doing.  Then he got back on as my passenger again until we reached a very busy road.  We switched places and he drove me on home.  I did better today.....applause please!

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