Saturday, June 11, 2016

Riding the Roads in God's Country

Rick surprised me this morning by stopping in around 7:30 a.m. eager on going for a bike ride.  First we drove to Richmond, Ky. and had breakfast there at the local McDonald's.  It was just like having a snack and coffee.  It was already too hot to eat anyway.  We will eat later this afternoon probably at Harold and Callie's house in Paint Lick, Ky. after more riding.

Rick and I must have run into over 200 bikes today out riding, most in groups, but some all by themselves like we were doing.  We stopped in for a rest stop at Dairy Queen in McKee, Ky. and soon about 20 bikers and their girlfriends or wives came in behind us.  The restaurant was a buzz with all the noisy bikers talking and exchanging stories.  Sometimes it's nice being in the midst of all that frenzy.  On the way back towards Berea we crossed paths with JoAnn Leger probably on her way to work.

Rick had a rough day at work yesterday, which consisted of a lot of heavy lifting, so he is very sore and very tired today.  He is resting for about an hour and then we will be off again on our bike journey in the opposite direction.  We will stop at Harold & his mother Callie's house, visit, eat and be merry for a while, and then we will do some night riding.  That should be fun.  Haven't don't that since last summer.  

I hope to have more pictures later of our bike ride, but for now I just took these three pictures as we were traveling up Big Hill Road in Madison County towards Burnt Ridge Road in Rockcastle County and then on into Jackson County, Kentucky.

Night riding:

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