Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First solo ride in about one year

Rick fixed my bike and got it running.  So this morning, before it got too hot, I rode around 130 miles.  It runs really well, and you know me, I had to test it at all speeds, but since it's not 100% and still has some problems, I didn't go as fast as I would have liked to have gone.   I kept it below 80 mph just to be safe.

Here I am stopping for a rest and to adjust the volume on my tape deck and the FM/AM radio.  To my surprise it worked, so I really enjoyed my ride listening to the music of the movie, "Good Morning Vietnam."  

One side of my training wheels has a broken or missing bracket and something must have happened to the shock on the rear of my bike during my accident last year,  because it won't hold any air pressure.  It still rides good tho and the man who installed the Voyager kit said that you can still ride the bike safely when both brackets on both sides (of my training wheels) are broken.  It will just have more sway.  I do want it fixed tho and I'm still looking for a mechanic who knows how to repair Voyager Kits.  I have the parts needed but the man who installed it originally has gone to heaven by now I'm sure.  

So, while everyone was off working, or away, I snuck off and went for this ride all by myself.  Everyone seems to think that because of my age and my lack of big muscles that I can't ride alone anymore or handle this big bike.  Granted it is a big heavy 1300 cc and it does take some muscle power on these little curvy Kentucky roads, but I made it home safely.  The only problem that I had was pushing it out of the building and this should get better with time and more muscles.  I have to admit that I did get out of breath pushing it out of the building, but I rested while the bike warmed up.  

I can't wait to go on more rides.

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