Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What I wanted to happen happened, but my ego still got bruised

I lost someone who meant something to me today, or who I thought loved me.  I tested him today by telling him that I had a free day today and would he like to go walking for exercise with me.  The answer was clear....he did not.   Maybe he didn't want to walk for exercise, but he hadn't seen me in 20 days and didn't even suggest that I come over, or that we just see each other and talk.   

The separation was my fault.  I sometimes took his phone calls and sometimes I just let them go to voicemail, so this outcome didn't come as much of a shock to me as it normally would have.  My ego was all that got bruised a little because we all want to be loved by someone and when he kept saying that it was forever, I thought forever is forever and nothing less.  I just got dumped too fast.

I guess you're wondering why this all happened?  He cheated on me once, twice or maybe many times.  I just don't know.  I forgave him for the first time, but I couldn't handle the second time, and it hurt me so bad when he left me in March.   I just never got over it, but he did, and he wanted to remain my boyfriend.  I don't do boyfriends with benefits, so that never worked out and I had to resort to making up a story to keep him away from me and my house.  I told him that my brother was here visiting and so far my make-believe brother has stayed for almost 4 months.   My brother left today.

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