Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Beginnings

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.  It's the first day without a burden that has weighed heavily on my shoulders.  Today I start a new chapter in my life without regrets or looking back.  From this day forward, my life is my life and no one else's, and who I choose to share it with is officially now my business and no one else has the right to say a word about it.  

I gave so many chances and put up with more than I should have, but not anymore.  I gave it my all and that wasn't enough.  I did my best and I was always faithful to the end.  This doesn't mean that I'm going out and searching for someone to sleep with, NO!!!!!  This just means that it's officially finished, over, done.  Don't call, don't bother me, don't ask me for rides or anything else.  We can't even be friends because I don't need friends like you.

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