Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bike Troubles

Thanks to Rick, who everyone knows by now is my guardian angel, things are getting done around my house and my toys are getting repaired.

Over the weekend we took both bikes out for a ride to Boonesboro State Park and while there Rick discovered that my big red trike had a flat rear tire.   If it wasn't for those two side wheels I don't think we could have made  
it to Love's Truck Stop miles away on the interstate, but we did, and Rick aired up my tire and to my surprise, it is still holding air today.

My flat tire, as it turned out, wasn't the only mishap for that day.  While at the truck stop Rick's bikes clutch cable broke as he was moving his Suzuki out of the way so that I could move my trike closer to the air hose.  This didn't slow Rick down.  He's a man of Steal.  He kept on with the task at hand, aired up my flat tire and then he dealt with his broken frayed clutch cable.  I know he must have been very frustrated by this time, but he did all he could do and we pressed on towards the nearest motorcycle shop.  

We were in Winchester, with two broken bikes, and the nearest shop was in Richmond, Kentucky.  The shop was a Yamaha shop so they couldn't help Rick, but I was able to schedule an appointment to get a new tire put on, plus some other needed repairs done to my trike, at a later date. They referred Rick to Lexington for a clutch cable where the nearest Suzuki shop is located.  He will order the cable there once he gets a day off from work. 

As Rick had traveled all the way from Winchester to Richmond in second gear, he traveled on to Berea the same way never being able to get the motorcycle to go any faster, or into any other gear.  He limped on home taking side country roads so as to stay away from heavy traffic areas.  The only way to stop the bike was to hit the kill switch if he came upon a STOP sign.  It wasn't an easy ride by any span of the imagination.  Both bikes got hot, we got hot, but we didn't get mad and he didn't get upset at me for selling him a lemon of a bike.  Well, he might have, but he didn't take out his frustrations out on me.  I told you....he's an angel and the best friend that I've ever had.  I wouldn't trade him for anyone else!

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