Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lots of work, and some fun too!

Pretty soon you won't know my house.  Things are changing around here thanks to Rick.  The house isn't undergoing any major changes, just getting things done that have needed to be repaired since Jimmy got sick and was no longer able to do any of the needed upkeep on the house.  I let the house go for almost 2 years after Jimmy died, but now Rick is here to help me out, and to point out the things that really need to be fixed.

Rick noticed a few months ago that the support posts on my front porch were rotting and the porch was beginning to sag on the left side really bad.  He kept telling me that I needed to get new columns up before the porch caused me any major leakage by pulling away from the house.  It had already dropped by over 3 inches,  so this week I was finally able to buy two iron posts and Rick went to work.

The next thing to fix on the front porch is the ceiling which also needs replacing and then painted.  It all takes money, so it's a slow go.  It's like that car insurance commercial on TV, you have to make a choice:  you either eat or make home repairs.  We're both on diets at the moment, hahaha.

Another project Rick took on was putting a new roof on the shed out back this week.  Luckily I already had the shingles left over from a project of long ago and also the roofing nails.  Thank God, no money was needed to fix the shed roof.

One of the fun things we did was to get to pose with the Fazole's Tomato.  The first girl that was in the tomato costume couldn't stay standing up and kept falling over because she was laughing so hard that she couldn't keep her balance.  She was replaced right away by someone else, but they had to come out of the costume within 30 minutes for a break.  Apparently it's not easy being the Fazole's Tomato.  We posed with the 3rd stand-in who seemed to be taking it all in stride, and was able to keep his balance. He posed with several people who wanted their pictures taken with the Fazole's Tomato.  You can tell by this, that it doesn't take much to entertain Rick and I.

Rick is an angel and has lots of trouble with arthritis pain, but when he can he helps me out.  I don't know what I would do without him!  We have so much fun together doing nothing.  He's thrifty like me (we have to be), and if we eat out it is with a coupon for something Free.  That's the only choice I have these days, but Rick makes it fun being thrifty.

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Dennis 2016 said...

Thank you Rick. Good Morning,
I follow your progress. i wish i was there but our budget let's us eat rice and beans. I did get an antenna but we live in a well for TV Reception We got Zero on our signal.