Sunday, June 04, 2017

New Big Boy Toy

Yesterday Rick picked up his brand new 2017, 150 Powermax moped and he had to ride it all the way here from Lexington, Ky.  It was hot and he was very tired by the time we got home.

It's a pretty blue, his favorite color.

We stopped at Clay's Ferry for a rest and a drink of gatorade, and then went on our way.  I followed behind him in my pretty red Pruis.

Below Rick changed the oil & filter in my little 125cc Buddy scooter and also cleaned out my carburetor, so now it runs great.  It still needs two more little things to fix on it, but it still goes just fine right now.  Now we both have mopeds to ride together.  It was hard riding a moped and a motorcycle together, so now the score is evened up and we can both ride scooters together.  We're not giving up the motorcycles, by no means, we just have other choices now.

This is my little Buddy and it runs with the best of them now.

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