Friday, June 23, 2017

Great-grandson's search for knowledge

My great-grandson Carson amazes me sometimes with the knowledge he possesses at such a young age, but I guess he's not as young as I think he is.  He's going to be in First Grade in a year or two.

He text me the other day asking me if I knew what our state bird was.  I did and gave him the answer.  He already knew it was the Cardinal, he just wanted to share that information with me.  He also called me and we talked for a little while and he told me how I could find out anything I wanted to know by either Googling or asking Siri.  Carson prefers to ask Siri questions and she told him that the state rock was agate and that the state animal was the gray squirrel, the state tree is the tulip popular, and I could go on and on.  We exchanged several text messages and several phone calls while we both busily asked Siri questions.  I did find out that we have no state cat or dog, or even a breed of cow.  Carson wanted to know what the state cow was and Siri told us that we don't have a state cow.

I love it when I hear from my grandchildren, whether it be great-grandchildren or just grandchildren just to talk or to share information as Carson was doing.   Nothing gives me more pleasure than these kinds of exchanges.  They may be little, but they mean a lot to me.

I also want to thank my niece Allison for opening my eyes and  inviting me to Eliana's gymnastics competition and also to Natasha's event at E.K.U.  I realized then how much I have been missing my family, and I hope to get invited more to such events.  I can't promise that I can always be there but I will do my best to attend.

My children and my husband Jimmy were always my world, and when I lost Jimmy I got lost myself and it has been a difficult road finding my way back to where I am supposed to be.  But with the help of Suzanne and Allison, I'm on the right track.  Thank you all!

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