Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hot and Sunny

Today Rick & I went out riding our mopeds and along the way we stopped and asked Tommy to come along and ride with us.  We all had a very enjoyable ride.  We rode to Richmond, Ky. from Berea, taking the back country roads, and we ended up at the closest McDonald's in Richmond to I-75.  While there we redeemed three coupons each for a Free Quarter Pounder w/cheese, and we drank water, so our meals only cost us the amount we paid for an order of large fries that we split between Rick & I.  We lingered around there for about 2 hours before starting our ride back home.

All in all we had a wonderful day.  I'm home now and I'm very tired.  Rick and Tommy stopped to chat with friends at our local McDonald's, but I came on home so that I could spend some time exchanging text messages with Carson, Suzanne and with my friend Gail.  

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