Thursday, May 14, 2009

London Beat / You Bring On The Sun

London Beat / I've Been Thinking About You

Jimmy is playing spider solitaire on my computer, can you believe that? He has an aversion to computers as everybody knows, but he was in my computer room watching a basketball game while I was watching LOST and then he decided to play solitaire.

I can't tell you what happened on Lost tonight because I got distracted on my laptop after the first hour. It was on from 8 - 11 p.m. and that's just too long to hold my interest when it was mostly bringing you up to date on what has happened throughout the entire 5 seasons. I did manage to look up at the TV every once in a while and I caught little bits here and there from the show.

My eyes are watering tonight, so there must be something swirling around in the night air.

I hope everyone had a nice day today. We had another pretty day without any rain but I heard that the rain will be here by morning and will last a couple of days. The weatherman might be wrong again.

I've got to get to bed early tonight, but it's too late for early unless we're talking early in the morning again.

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