Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I'm listening to music and don't know quite how to feel, or maybe I should say, I don't know how I should be feeling.  I should be happy because today was a day spent with family starting with breakfast with Brian, Reva, Ron and Jimmy.  Breakfast was nice and relaxing with a good time had by all, followed by a continuation of our visit with Brian and Reva coming over to the house for a longer visit.  It was very nice spending time with just the two of them,  because I hadn't seen them for a month or so, because of Jimmy's chemo schedule.

Next Ray came over and prayed over Jimmy which is always a Blessing, but before Ray arrived, or maybe I should say, as Ray was driving by our house I took a tumble and fell down and lucky for me, my nose broke my fall or I might have gotten really hurt.   And the best news of all is that I didn't break my iPad!
Of course when Ray pulled into our driveway I pretended I was down on the ground pulling up weeds and he bought it until Jimmy spilled the beans and told him that I had fallen.  So Ray prayed over me too.

After Ray left we continued on our journey to go find a barber to cut Jimmy's hair.  He was told that his hair might fall out because of chemo but it hasn't.  Upon our return from the barber shop we got a phone call......Jimmy's chemo, scheduled for tomorrow, was postponed because of a continuously rising Creatinine level......this was the disappointing news of the day to both Jimmy and I.  We were both upset.  Jimmy was then asked to submit a 24 hour urine test and from those results the oncologist will decide what course of action to take next. There's a possibility that the chemo drug, Alimta, may have to be discontinued, and the worst thing about that is that it is working.  You can imagine how we felt when we heard this.  Our joy of yesterday was flushed down the toilet.

Now we had to wipe our tears of disappointment away and go meet Sharon, Megan and Myles.  Little did we know that they would make us forget even if it was just for a little while.  We laughed as we watched Myles and his antics, his cuteness as he called out, "Papaw, Papaw, and Gramma Sanny.  Megan and Sharon made us laugh and they also surprised me with an early birthday cake and a very nice laptop purse.  It's very Sheik and I love it! but of course everything that they give me is Sheik and fashionable.  I have some really pretty purses thanks to Sharon and Megan.

Last of all my sweet little Suzanne stopped in to check on us at the end of the day.  I know that Ray told her that I had fallen.  The news had spread as far as Winchester minutes after I had fallen, and I know it wasn't 'no little birdie' who told everyone, but someone (named Ray) who shall remain nameless.  Of course Suzanne also knew about the disappointing news that Jimmy had received earlier in the day and she was here to make sure that we were okay.  She's sweet that way :)

After writing about my day, I'm thinking that I just have to accept the bad along with the good and trust in God with all of His Wisdom, and just leave it all in His Hands.

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