Monday, October 03, 2016

Two Friends

On Friday I drove Steve around to pay his bills and this morning I took Steve to the grocery store to buy groceries.  The plan was to have been to drive him around so that he could find some Winter boots to buy, but his funds didn't permit that, so we abandoned that idea and bought some foot powder for his old Wolverines instead.  They are still in perfect shape for another year of wear.

Over the weekend I had fun with Rick.  We didn't do much of anything, but what we did was fun.  As friends, we always have lots of fun together, doing nothing in particular.  Rick and I get along almost as well as Jimmy and I got along, but of course, Jimmy was my husband and treated me as his wife.  Rick is much different, he's my friend, and he treats me rough....not physically, but verbally.  No one has ever talked as bad to me as Rick does, but he is only kidding and trying to make me mad and laugh at the same time.  I don't get mad very easily, but I do get my feelings hurt sometimes, and Rick knows what those things are, and knows just how to push my buttons when he wants to.  Of course, he also knows when he has gone too far and will take a step back and try to smooth things out.  He always knows what to say or do to make things right.  Life is far from dull with Rick.

That was my weekend.  Not very exciting for most people, but it was just the way I like it, minus Rick's painful back and feet from working too hard.  

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