Thursday, August 04, 2016

It's Thursday, I didn't get anything done today that I had planned on doing, but I did drive Steve to the grocery store so that he could get some groceries for his apartment.  That's about the only good thing that I did other than to deliver a payment to Rick's auto insurance company.  He works everyday, so it's hard for him to find the time to pay this bill during their regular office hours.

I do very little in the way of driving people around anymore.  it's not that they don't need me, but I am no longer as available as I used to be.  I stay home more these days and I'm enjoying it for the first time since Jimmy died.  I'm finally taking interest in improving my home thanks to Rick who has inspired me to do so.  He points out the possibilities of improving my home as cheaply and affordable as possible, and he is willing to help me get this accomplished.  I needed someone to push and to motivate me, and Rick is just the right person to do this.

Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere, so maybe I will finish mowing the grass with the push mower, and then move the pile of cat litter that I conveniently dumped next to the house to another location away from Rick's sight.  He hates kitty cats, more than Steve.  I think Steve just pretended not to like them because he petted them way too much for someone who didn't like them.  And, besides that, Steve still asks about each of my cats and wonders how they are doing, and if Harley ever came back home.

Time for me to get ready to go to bed.  Sleep tight and don't let those nasty bed bugs bite ya!  Ughhhh!  

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